Should you be providing periodic redecoration?

Welcome to the About page for Hamilton King. With a portfolio spanning wide throughout the country, Hamilton King Management is an experienced firm in the area of property management. Hamilton King has published this blog to educate lessees about a range of areas in the field of property management. One topic that many lessees and their tenants have questions about is in the area of redecorating.

Many leases contain provisions calling for periodic redecoration of the premises, and lessees should be aware of those provisions so that they can keep up with their obligations under the lease.

The Hamilton King Management blog page will provide solutions for these types of situations, including how to manage costs and seek out funding from the right sources in an effective manner, which should help to keep both lessees and tenants satisfied with their property.

When redecorating, issues can often arise. Structural defects that come to light during the evaluation process include cost issues, and can sometimes become more expensive than what was originally anticipated. Make sure that you understand all the information given about what obligations you have to the property before you have to find out in unfortunate circumstances.