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Hamilton King Management Limited strives to deliver best value for lessees

A service charge is a tenant’s contribution to the costs of running and maintaining the shared areas of a communal dwelling building. Precisely what this entails depends on the type of premises, but typically includes lift and stairwell maintenance, garden upkeep, cleaning and regular repairs to keep on top of wear and tear. Hamilton King Management Limited is not linked to any particular contractor or insurer and always aims to deliver best value for money when instructing contractors to carry out maintenance and repair work on the properties it manages. The company has over 21 years of experience of managing a variety of different types of multiple occupancy premises. The company also appreciates the fact that dealing with repair issues in a timely manner helps to prevent problems escalating. As well as operating a rolling inspection procedure on its properties, Hamilton King Management Limited also makes it easy for residents themselves to report problems, over the telephone and by email. The company is also the point of contact for lessees who wish to make alterations to their properties or who wish to extend their...

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Buildings Regulations from Hamilton King Residential Property Management

Residential property management companies are usually put in place to look after the communal needs of a building or estate where there ae common areas and where the individual properties are owned on a leasehold basis. Typically the property manager will organise and supervise any on-site staff or contractors such as cleaners and porters, electricians, gardeners, repair and maintenance contractors and decorators. The property manager collects a pre-agreed service charge from each lessee in the building to pay for routine maintenance, emergency repairs and aesthetics such as garden maintenance and decorating in communal areas. The service charge can also cover services such as buildings insurance, fire risk assessments and other safety checks. There are a variety of building regulations in place, which property managers must adhere to. In terms of insurance, the property managers must be regulated by the FCA for activities such as negotiating and arranging contracts. Fire risk assessments, electrical maintenance and safety checks, structural safety checks and procedures and asbestos checks where necessary are all covered by strict regulations also. While there is no blanket statutory regulation of property management companies in place in England, where a property management firm has control of communal and external areas of a building they are subject to the same rules and regulations as a landlord. Hamilton King is a specialist property management firm operating across a wide scope of building types, from new builds to old concerted period homes. As property managers, the team at Hamilton King are dedicated to providing services to all lessees which are both high quality and affordable. Regulation checks and maintenance such as fire safety are carried out on a regular basis at all properties and the costs for these are clearly set out in each individual lease as part of the annual service charge. Like all good property management firms, part of the job of Hamilton King is to source contractors which offer the best value for money for residents. To achieve value for money a service must be of the quality which residents expect while remaining within a reasonable budget. You can follow Hamilton King Management on Twitter to find out more about the work of a property management...

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Hamilton King knows what is needed to manage an apartment development

A professional approach to maintaining a property is important for a number of reasons. For one thing lessees need to make sure provisions are in place to enable them to meet their requirements under the lease. This is likely to include ensuring common parts are maintained to a reasonable standard. It is also likely to include redecoration at specified intervals. There may be a host of specific requirements covering a range of areas from upkeep of the garden to maintenance of the lifts. A property management company is able to ensure lessees are able to keep on top of their obligations. In a more general sense, most leaseholders will be keen to ensure the property is kept in good order so that its value does not suffer and of course, to ensure the property remains a pleasant place in which to live. Most people will be keen to ensure the property management solution they have offers value for money. When assessing this, it is important to consider not just the bottom line, but also whether the company in question will be able to offer the type of responsive, effective service saves time, hassle and money in the long run. Points to consider include whether or not the company has effective emergency call-out and out of hours provisions in place. It is also important to have a company with specific experience of dealing with the type of property in question. Hamilton King Management is worth looking at closely. The company provides services for lessees up and down the country. To find out more about the way in which Hamilton King operates, take a look at the LinkedIn profile of Hamilton King...

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