Hamilton King Management Limited strives to deliver best value for lessees

Posted on Sep 7, 2015

A service charge is a tenant’s contribution to the costs of running and maintaining the shared areas of a communal dwelling building. Precisely what this entails depends on the type of premises, but typically includes lift and stairwell maintenance, garden upkeep, cleaning and regular repairs to keep on top of wear and tear. Hamilton King Management Limited is not linked to any particular contractor or insurer and always aims to deliver best value for money when instructing contractors to carry out maintenance and repair work on the properties it manages. The company has over 21 years of experience of managing a variety of different types of multiple occupancy premises.

The company also appreciates the fact that dealing with repair issues in a timely manner helps to prevent problems escalating. As well as operating a rolling inspection procedure on its properties, Hamilton King Management Limited also makes it easy for residents themselves to report problems, over the telephone and by email. The company is also the point of contact for lessees who wish to make alterations to their properties or who wish to extend their lease.

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