Hamilton King Management offer clients a wide range of property management services for landlords and tenants. This will ensure that accounts are kept up to date, and each property under management is kept in good repair and managed effectively in accordance with the terms of the lease. These services include sourcing the best value from contractors for lessees, from sourcing competitive quotes when re-tendering for contracts to selecting refurbishment projects according to where the best value can be obtained.

The main role of Hamilton King Management is to ensure that each property under management is maintained to the high standards tenants expect, arranging for repairs to be made where required and for routine maintenance and redecoration at appropriate intervals. This includes notifying lessees about any major works in advance and collecting costs as part of the service charge and reviewing completed works to ensure quality standards are met. The service charge also includes all other payments such as for electricity in communal areas, insurance, cleaning and management fees. Hamilton King Management also take responsibility for ensuring each property is fully regulation compliant and up to date with all required annual risk assessments and monitoring such as fire safety regulations.